Action Inquiry Workshops

2017 Workshops:

May 11-13, Helsinki Bill Torbert, Elaine Herdman-Barker, Jane Allen, Heidi Guteknst facilitate Excercising Action Inquiry and Mutual Power Programs(a GLP certification program) Helsinki, Finland, May 11-13)

October 4-6, London: AIF members Elaine Herdman-Barker, Richard Izard and Veronica Meduina invite you to an Action Inquiry & Global Leadership Profile (AI & GLP) Workshop which is open to anyone interested in their own self-development and can also lead to certification for debriefing and coaching with the GLP. GLP London Workshop

October 23-26, Boston: AIF members Elaine Herdman-Barker and Nancy Wallis present the AI & GLP Workshop. Boston, USA, October 23-26

At our workshops, you will never be passively hearing somebody telling you how to do it right. Rather, you will be exercising active leadership, moving among peers in a community of inquiry, receiving direct feedback about your leadership impact, and learning together practical ways to:

  •  Assess your current leadership action-logic—your center-of-gravity, emergent, and fallback perspective that guides your action and influences your results
  • Become conscious of and shift some of your action/ mental/ emotional-habits that are limiting your effectiveness
  • Exercise your power with greater flexibility and mutuality to generate personal and organizational transformation
  • Develop collaborative practices that increase mindful, relational, and cultural intelligence in the wider organization
  • Build your capacity to lead from the inside out, confident that you are responding to the deepest calls of our common nature

Alchemists’ Workparties

If you already have participated in some action-inquiry-experience, if you score at Individualist/Values-Oriented or beyond on one of the developmental measures (SOI, MAP, LDP, or GLP), and if you are intrigued by the idea of a three-day “workparty”, at minimal cost for food, lodging, and program ($1,000), where the dozen members all share leadership around a theme such as “Wealth, Power, Love, and Inquiry,” please inquire for more details