Love in the Spirit of Inquiry

Love in the Spirit of Inquiry

Dear Friends of Action Inquiry,

In October, many of you have helped to make Action Inquiry Fellow Sophie Sabbage’s new book The Cancer Whisperer, an early Best Seller on Amazon. THANK YOU, FRIENDS, FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Good things are said to come in bunches, and now in November Amazon has brought out Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry, Transforming How Women and Men Relate by Action Inquiry Fellows Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert – and it too has become an early-release best seller. See above for a 16-minute you-tube interview of Hilary and Bill about the book by AIF member Irena Pranskeviciute.

We now invite you (perhaps different ones of you for whom this topic is more directly relevant than the last) to consider buying the book on Amazon, giving it a star rating and submitting a short review, as soon as possible (the more it sells and is reviewed in the early weeks, the more Amazon will market it alongside other books). To purchase and/or review a copy of Eros/Power click here:
(P.S. Pay no attention to the ‘out of stock’ message on Amazon. All Amazon orders are printed on demand and sent out right away by our printer.)

To learn more about the book, read a sample, and/or register for a related workshop click here:

Wishing you well in this season of Thanksgiving, when we know the world is not safe, and when learning how to exercise mutually-transforming love, power, and inquiry in our own practice with others is more obviously important than ever,

Bill Torbert

P.S. And consider these two other near-term chances to become more familiar with action inquiry… as well as later events on our calendar:

  • the one-day London Master Class on December 7 with Action Inquiry Fellows Heidi Gutekunst and Irena Pranskeviciute, under the banner of the Amara Collaboration – Master Class ; and
  • the three-day Boston Action Inquiry &; Global Leadership Profile Workshop March 15-17, 2016, with Action Inquiry Fellows Elaine Herdman-Barker, Nancy Wallis, and Bill Torbert facilitating.

Finally, a good piece of news, particularly relevant to the Spanish-speaking world, is that the Global Leadership Profile and the GLP Report are now available in Spanish. For more information, write to Veronica Menduina,

In the spirit of active inquiry into issues of work and of love, of life and of death,
Bill Torbert, for the Action Inquiry Fellows

2015 Handbook of Action Research chapters by AI Fellows:

  • Nancy Wallis, “Unlocking the Secrets of Personal and Systemic Power: The Power Lab and Action Inquiry in the Classroom”
  • Steve Taylor, Jenny Rudolph, and Erica Foldy, “Teaching and Learning Reflective Practice in the Action Science/Action Inquiry Tradition”
  • Grady McGonagill and Dana Carman, “Holding Theory Skillfully in Consulting Interventions”
  • David McCallum and Aliki Nicolaides, “Cultivating Intention (as we enter the fray): The skillful practice of embodying presence, awareness, and purpose as action researchers”
  • Elaine Herdman-Barker and Aftab Erfan, “Clearing Obstacles: And Exercise to Expand a Person’s Repertoire of Action”
  • Hilary Bradbury, “The Integrating (Feminine) Reach of Action Research: A nonet for epistemological voice”
  • Erica Foldy, “The Location of Race in Action Research”
  • Lisa Stefanac and Michael Krot, “Using T-Groups to Develop Action Research Skills in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous Environments”
  • Aftab Erfan and Bill Torbert, “Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry”


See Bill give a brief description of
1) the Action Inquiry & Global Leadership Profile Workshop

2) how the GLP can support your work

3) what Action Inquiry means

4) why action-logics matter in the work world

5) why timing is key to leadership efficacy