Bill Torbert, Frederic Laloux (Reinventing Organizations), and Heidi Gutekunst, Amara Adventure Conference Bill Torbert, Frederic Laloux (Reinventing Organizations), and Heidi Gutekunst, Amara Adventure Conference

Action Inquiry Faces Incurable Cancer
Sophie Sabbage’s The Cancer Whisperer
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Action Inquiry is just as significant for the development of lifelong friendships and for dealing with the great personal dilemmas and crises of our lives, as it is for successful leadership. In this regard, one of the members of our Action Inquiry Fellowship – Sophie Sabbage – has been facing a personal crisis since last November, when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, predicted to end her life before the 2015 year began. Still emphatically alive today, Sophie has written “The Cancer Whisperer” in the past two months.

This short, practical, and emotionally impactful book will help others discover how to face into this ravaging disease (or help friends or family face into it) without becoming its victim. We of the AI Fellowship who have been able to read the book prior to publication are immensely proud of, humbled by, and in wide-eyed wonder at, the incredible spiritual and practical resources Sophie has rallied to her cause and is now making available to others.

The book can be downloaded for free from Amazon Kindle for the first days when it comes out October 6, 2015. Download the book onto your Kindle device or Kindle app, which is free and can be downloaded onto any device – either from the App store or click on this link: if you have a PC. Please consider forwarding this message to friends who may be interested.

Action Inquiry Leadership in Organizations
Turning to what’s new in the realm of action inquiry leadership in organizations, consider for your desk or bedside table Action Inquiry Fellow Steve Taylor’s very readable, useful, and challenging new leadership self-help book: “You Are a Genius”. Available at

In this spirit of reflective leadership, we also draw your attention to the new “SAGE Handbook of Action Research”, just out, edited by Action Inquiry Fellow Hillary Bradbury and filled with short chapters on many kinds of action research in business and social change projects, including 9 chapters by Action Inquiry Fellows (see titles and authors at end of this column).

Forthcoming public action inquiry events include:

Finally, a good piece of news, particularly relevant to the Spanish-speaking world, is that the Global Leadership Profile and the GLP Report are now available in Spanish. For more information, write to Veronical Menduina,

In the spirit of active inquiry into issues of work and of love, of life and of death,
Bill Torbert, for the Action Inquiry Fellows

2015 Handbook of Action Research chapters by AI Fellows:

  • Nancy Wallis, “Unlocking the Secrets of Personal and Systemic Power: The Power Lab and Action Inquiry in the Classroom”
  • Steve Taylor, Jenny Rudolph, and Erica Foldy, “Teaching and Learning Reflective Practice in the Action Science/Action Inquiry Tradition”
  • Grady McGonagill and Dana Carman, “Holding Theory Skillfully in Consulting Interventions”
  • David McCallum and Aliki Nicolaides, “Cultivating Intention (as we enter the fray): The skillful practice of embodying presence, awareness, and purpose as action researchers”
  • Elaine Herdman-Barker and Aftab Erfan, “Clearing Obstacles: And Exercise to Expand a Person’s Repertoire of Action”
  • Hilary Bradbury, “The Integrating (Feminine) Reach of Action Research: A nonet for epistemological voice”
  • Erica Foldy, “The Location of Race in Action Research”
  • Lisa Stefanac and Michael Krot, “Using T-Groups to Develop Action Research Skills in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous Environments”
  • Aftab Erfan and Bill Torbert, “Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry”


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