CDAI Fellowship

The Founding of the CDAI Fellowship
Over the past seven years Bill Torbert has invited friends and colleagues who wish, for both professional and personal reasons, to engage in transformational inquiry and action toward embodying the Alchemical leadership action-logic in their work, their friendships, and their everyday lives… to participate with him in 3-day Alchemists’ Workparties.

In early 2012, Bill invited more than two dozen friends and colleagues from the arts, the sciences, and the professions to become Action Inquiry Fellows. More recently, the Fellowing Trio of the CDAI Fellowship [the leadership trio concerned with governance) makes such invitations. To qualify for consideration, the prospective Fellow will have participated in one or more Alchemists’ Workparties… will have continued working with Bill or other CDAI Fellows since… and will be willing to commit, in communion with all the Fellows, to 
enacting the following mission:

We embrace a commitment to timely action inquiry
That plays a collaborative and transforming role
On behalf of developing, amongst ourselves and across generations
Personal integrity and friendly mutuality,
As well as a just and sustainable society.

Action Inquiry Fellows contribute, not only to one another’s continuing development and to the integrity, mutuality, and sustainability of Action Inquiry Associates, but also to the AIA activities, and to the AIA cyber public library.

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