Action Inquiry Services Worldwide

While we can’t predict the future, we can transform ourselves and our organizations to effectively meet it.

The ongoing transformation of senior leaders, teams, and whole organizations is even more crucial in today’s uncertain business environment, as they transform through growth, ‘going public,’ merger, or new vision.

Our consultants are prepared to analyze, not only individuals from a developmental point of view, but also teams and the whole organization. We can challenge and support your senior team as it guides the wider organization through a strategic-action process that generates successful on-the-ground organizational transformation.

In addition, to our consulting, our executive coaching, our customized workshops, and our Global Leadership profiling services, we also offer two public workshops: the Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely Leadership workshop and our Advanced Strategic-Systems Leadership workshop.

In all of our activities, among ourselves and in relation to clients, we are committed to the practice of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry, and we invite confrontation whenever we appear not to be enacting our principles of Integrity, Mutuality, and Sustainability. We pledge that in our client engagements we will exercise authentic partnership, executive stewardship, strategy/practice alignment, and long-term capacity building.