Bill Torbert and Action Inquiry Associates

Bill Torbert and the Action Inquiry Associates, along with the entire Action Inquiry Fellowship, are devoted to creating coaching, consulting, and workshop activities, as well as research and publications, that embody and further encourage the practice of timely, collaborative, self-and-other-transforming leadership.

Together we are blazing a path toward – not just “communities of practice” that enhance or add to skills we (and you) already have, but also and more significantly – “communities of inquiry” that question our own and our institutional action-assumptions and expand our individual and organizational capacities for dealing with complexity. This requires the development of an attention and a responsiveness to multiple feedback loops on different social and temporal scales in the midst of leaderly action.

Unilateral power alone, without mutual responsiveness to strategic feedback, is powerless to improve organizational direction, alignment, commitment, and outcomes in complex conditions. The exercise of mutually-transforming power becomes key to generating and accomplishing shared visions. But few leaders today have developed their capacities for exercising mutual power. “Communities of inquiry” support personal, team, and enterprise transformation toward greater integrity, mutuality, and sustainability.

Meet Bill.
From his direct leadership roles, such as Director of Yale Upward Bound, Founder of The Theatre of Inquiry, and Graduate Dean of the Boston College School of Management, to his organizational transformation roles as consultant and board member, to his award-winning teaching, to his new paradigm research on leadership that integrates 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-person (spiritual, social, and scientific) inquiry in daily action, Bill offers 50 years of experience in supporting leadership and organizational transformation.

Meet Bill Torbert’s primary associates in the global activities of Action Inquiry Associates.

If you are interested in Leadership Development and Organization Transformation programs, coaching, and consulting activities that Action Inquiry Associates offer, including the Global Leadership Profile, a 3rd-person assessment of your leadership action-logic with personalized commentary please contact us.