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Hilary Bradbury

Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., is Professor in the Division of Management at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Her research, scholarly activism and teaching focus on the human and organizational dimensions of creating healthy communities.

At OHSU she teaches in the OHSU-PSU joint MBA in Healthcare Management program and in the physician leadership development programs. She also develops the action research approach to Community Based Participatory Research for Health. Previously Hilary was Director of Sustainable Business Research at the Center for Sustainable Cities at USC.

As a scholar-practitioner Hilary has worked with companies such as BP, Nike, Shell, Harley Davidson, Waste Management, Mattel, Port of Los Angeles, among others, to develop collaborative sustainability strategies, including carbon reduction projects across large global value networks. Her expertise with action inquiry comes to the fore in working to develop leadership capacity in support of the win-win solutions needed for a sustainable society.

Hilary is founder and editor-in-chief of Action Research Journal. Her journal articles have appeared in Leadership Quarterly, Organization Science, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Management Inquiry & Organization Dynamics among others. Contact Hilary Hilary can be contacted for coaching and consulting at With regard to action research, see:

Dana Carman

Dana Carman is an expert in human and organizational transformation. Since 1984 Dana has worked as a senior advisor, consultant and executive coach to leaders of more than 200 visionary organizations on 5 five continents. His clients include multi-nationals, small and mid-sized market leaders, governments and NGO’s that are committed to making a significant impact nationally, regionally and globally.

For well over two decades Dana has brought an Integral Whole Systems Approach to complex organizational change. His clients typically engage him when the cost of not succeeding with a key strategy or initiative is unacceptable. Dana’s footprint is an organization that is producing results at a new level, accompanied by a culture of greater agility, resilience and trust.

Dana has co-founded two pioneering consultancies and trained and certified more than 500 consultant’s, coaches and change agents worldwide. Working closely with his strategic partners, Dana is currently designing and leading Integral Journeys for Russian and Baltic executives to expand their capacity to lead in a globally connected world. In the last several years Dana has cofounded Action Inquiry Associates, and is an owner, board member and core faculty of MetaIntegral Academy which offers next generation leader development programs for executives and change agents from five continents.

Dana studied Environmental Education at The University of Vermont, Business at San Francisco State University and The Center for Management Design. He is a certified Lectical consultant. Dana is also certified in Polarity Management, Spiral Dynamics, the Leadership Development Profile, the Global Leadership Profile, Holocracy and Overcoming your Immunity to Change.

Dana lives in Ashland, Oregon and spends much of his time back country skiing and backpacking. Dana integrates his passion for leadership and wilderness, thru leading Executive Vision Quest experiences with his close colleague, Mike Bodkin.
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Danielle ConroyDanielle Conroy

Danielle is a specialist in the areas of transformational leadership development and organizational change. With over 25 years as an organisational development consultant, working both internally for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland and co-founding and managing two successful consulting and training businesses in Australia, Danielle brings a significant breadth and depth to her consulting, teaching and coaching practice. These experiences have enabled her to develop an understanding of the complexity, challenges and rewards of working in medium, large and matrix organizations.

Danielle has only recently moved to Marin, California to fulfill her dream to partner with some of the best consultants and companies in the world. She is a Principal Consultant with MetaIntegral Associates and Avista Consulting Group, an Associate with Action Inquiry Associates, and a member of the core faculty of the three-year Embodied Practitioner Certification (EPC) program, with MetaIntegral Academy. In all contexts, she teaches and supports leaders and change agents to unlock and accelerate powerful mental, emotional and relational capacities that support them in navigating the complexity of today’s world to have greater impact in their organizations and industries.

Danielle extensive experience includes facilitating, teaching, coaching & consulting on many processes of change that have fostered full participation and effective transitions. She inspires Senior Executives to lead and communicate with their colleagues and teams in ways that enrol and engage everyone in the bigger picture and raise their commitment to improving the triple bottom line (Profit, People & Planet).

Danielle’s clients value her creativity, depth of integral thinking, her emotional intelligence, focus on results and her partnership approach. She balances an intuitive understanding of people and deep listening skills, with her high level analytical ability and a strong focus on individual and collective development and learning.

Danielle has a graduate degree in Business and Leadership from Curtin University in Australia and is certified in several assessment instruments including the Global Leadership Profile (GLP/LMP/LDP), Lectica’s Leadership Decision Making Assessment (LDMA), Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Integral 360, DiSC, Birkman & Myers-Briggs (MBTI 1 & 2). Danielle is also a certified Holacracy practitioner and Lectica Consultant. Contact Danielle

Heidi Heidi Gutekunst

Heidi is a co-founder and CEO of Amara Collaboration and currently works as a facilitator and coach, creating conditions for personal and organizational transformation. She is interested in bringing more meaning and engagement to corporate life by working with Action Inquiry and the Global Leadership Profile and their connection to developing ‘Teal ‘ organizations (described in Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations). She believes in bringing heart, connection and courageous leadership to a grounded and practical level in her own life, her collaborations and her work with clients.

Heidi has worked most of her career in leading positions in traditional and digital advertising agencies. She has won several national and international awards in innovative advertising, branding, design and digital service design. As CEO for a digital agency, she led a transformation with results in employee engagement, financial performance, conceiving new offerings, and turning customers into accounts.

Heidi’s powerful speaking capacity has made her a regular speaker at Business Forums interested in her personal entrepreneurship and transforming ability. Heidi can be contacted at

Elaine Herdman-Barker

As Director of Herdman Barker Associates, Elaine works with organisations to identify and support their emerging talent pool and to help create the conditions in which high potential leaders are retained and inspired. She leads Career Development, Adult Development and Leadership Master classes across Europe, North Africa and America. Her coaching practice is worldwide and her sector experience reaches across, utilities, oil and gas, universities, local and central government, financial services, motor manufacturing, health, pharmaceutical, telecommunication and IT industries.

Elaine is a leading world authority on assessing and profiling action logics and supports consultants and organizations to apply this practice to transform leadership action. Elaine holds a masters degree in psychology and continues to be actively engaged in international research on how best to support high potential leaders, building on years of ongoing research with Professor Bill Torbert.

Elaine specializes in helping executives to become more aware of their habits of mind and thus receptive to developing their approach to problem resolution and interrelationship. She works alongside leaders supporting their personal inquiries; be they inquiries into their breadth of view, styles of expression or personal contribution. She is a lecturer and facilitator at DeBaak Management Centrum in The Netherlands and a founding member of DeBaak Leadership Think Tank. Contact Elaine

My intent “undoing the luggage of leadership…leading can too easily become a constraint and talent neutralized rather than enhanced”


Jesse MckayJesse McKay

Jesse has a bachelor degree with majors in Business Administration and Psychology, as well as an MBA with an emphasis on Corporate Strategy and Organizational Development.

Jesse has worked back and forth between two very different professions in the last few years: engineering and corporate organizational consulting. As an engineer he works with a team of scientists responsible for designing and building command and monitoring systems for ‘Columbus’ – the European wing of the International Space Station. As an organizational consultant Jesse works with leaders motivated to achieve greater levels of effectiveness and impact through improved management of their selves, their teams, and their organizations.

Previous to his work in Europe, Jesse served as a business analyst on a large scale engineering project for the Canadian government and as a software engineer with an American company designing and building a web enabled Business Intelligence platform.

Jesse’s work work with organizations has taken him to Russia, Australia, Ethiopia and across the USA over the last several years. Jesse currently lives in Munich Germany. Contact Jesse

Yumi SeraYumi Sera

Yumi Sera, is an organization development consultant and facilitator at Change Agent Inc, the company that brought the idea of “Systems Thinking” from Peter Senge, John Sterman and Donella/Dennis Meadows to Japan. Yumi has a bachelor degree with a major in Law and is now taking her master’s degree at Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University.

She is interested in developing individuals to impact organizations and the world, using experience and somatic based learning. She has founded and presided over several non-profit organizations offering youth leadership programs in Japan. Having realized that good leadership theories are studied but not practiced in business and daily situations, she came to study in the U.S in order to explore more body-based workshops as an innovative way of practicing mindful leadership.

Yumi met Bill Torbert in 2013 at ALiA Summer Institute in Canada. The encounter with Action Inquiry and various attention exercises in action have inspired Yumi to start her own workshops utilizing voice and body as a practice of intuition in the context of leadership. This work is presented and published in the 2015 edition of The Handbook of Action Research. Certified as a GLP coach in 2014, she contributed to the publication of the Japanese translation of Action Inquiry (2016), as well as to organizing the first Action Inquiry workshop in Japan with Bill.

Mary Stacey

Mary founded Context Management Consulting Inc. in 2005 and partners with leadership teams in complex, rapidly changing systems to design and guide transformation. Recent engagements include post-acquisition culture integration in a global biotech company; multi-stakeholder dialogue around Eastern Arctic polar bear management; and delivering a customized executive development program with participants from 15+ countries. Clients note that Context’s designs have a light touch and lasting impact.

As a faculty member at the Authentic Leadership in Action (ALIA) Institute Mary co-leads Action Inquiry: Transforming Leadership in the Midst of Action with Bill Torbert. They have also convened by-invitation Alchemist Workparties and the Living Inquiry Series.

Mary teaches in the University of Toronto’s Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate, with an action research focus on constructivist learning environments for developing leadership capacity. She has been an invited presenter at the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL), the Conference Board of Canada, and the MaRS Discovery District. Recently published articles include the whitepaper Addressing Today’s Business Challenges While Developing Leaders for Tomorrow and A New Role for Natural Resource Companies, in strategy+business magazine. Mary’s results with action inquiry are profiled in The Change Handbook: Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems
(2nd ed. 2007).

In her 20’s Mary founded a non-profit organization to serve disabled people wanting to live independently in the community. More recently she founded the Leading Full Circle multigenerational leadership program.

Mary holds an MA in Leadership Studies, a BA in psycholinguistics, a diploma in counseling, and executive coaching accreditation (ACTP). She uses a variety of developmental assessments including the Global Leadership Profile, The Leadership Circle, and the Leadership Agility 360 in her work with business and sustainability leaders. Contact Mary

Nancy Wallis

With a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems and extensive experience leading large-scale organizational change, Nancy Wallis offers significant value to individuals seeking to improve their own personal and their organization’s leadership performance. Over the past 30 years she has concentrated her managerial, consulting and teaching on the practice and development of leadership at first-, second-, and third-person contexts within complex and vibrant organizational settings. Her preferred consulting projects are with leaders who want to enhance their own leadership capacity and that of their team members.

Dr. Wallis received her MBA and MSPH degrees from UCLA and holds a Change Management Leadership Certificate from the National Training Labs (NTL). She is a member of the Academy of Management and serves on the board of its Organization Development and Change Division. She is a professor at Pitzer College in Claremont, CA, enjoys adjunct leadership faculty positions at Pepperdine and Danube Universities, and is a faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership.

Nancy skillfully employs the Global Leadership Profile in leadership classrooms and corporate contexts in the USA and EU. Using the GLP and her engaging presence, Nancy will help you understand and reframe your organizational challenges as opportunities to develop in ways that integrate real life experience with relevant theory and useful models. Nancy is committed to the study and practice of leadership that improves the quality of human lives and where individual potential is key to the success of the enterprise. Contact Nancy